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Unpack boot.img of mt6582 rename all from mt6582 to mt6572
Also open all the files search for mt6582 then rename it to mt6572
Open ueventd.mt6572.rc find #mali node
compare with the mali node of your stock boot.img it can
be found in your ueventd.rc.

Note: open first ueventd.rc of port boot.img
if its the same with your stock boot.img then don’t edit
ueventd.mt6572.rc but if its different then compare ueventd.mt6572.rc
of port with your stock boot.img

Open fstab.mt6572 then compare with your fstab

or just replace with this

# Android fstab file.
# The filesystem that contains the filesystem checker binary (typically /system) cannot
# specify MF_CHECK, and must come before any filesystems that do specify MF_CHECK

/dev/bootimg     /boot     emmc defaults                                                   defaults
/dev/recovery /recovery emmc defaults                                                   defaults
/dev/block/mmcblk0p4   /system   ext4 rw                                                         wait
/dev/block/mmcblk0p6 /data     ext4 noatime,nosuid,nodev,noauto_da_alloc,discard               wait,check
/dev/block/mmcblk0p5   /cache     ext4 noatime,nosuid,nodev,noauto_da_alloc,discard               wait,check
/dev/block/mmcblk0p2 /protect_f ext4 noatime,nosuid,nodev,noauto_da_alloc,commit=1,nodelalloc   wait,check
/dev/block/mmcblk0p3 /protect_s ext4 noatime,nosuid,nodev,noauto_da_alloc,commit=1,nodelalloc   wait,check

/devices/platform/mtk-msdc.1/mmc_host/mmc1   auto   vfat   defaults   voldmanaged=sdcard1:auto
/devices/platform/mtk-msdc.0/mmc_host/mmc0   auto   vfat   defaults   voldmanaged=sdcard0:7
/devices/platform/mt_usb                       auto vfat defaults voldmanaged=usbdisk0:auto

then replace port kernel with your stock kernel. then repack

Porting System :v

Stock to port

From /system/lib/hw
from /system/lib/
from /system/etc/firmware
if wifi doesn’t work replace the whole firmware folder

Other bugs you try to fix :v 


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